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About Us

Kids whiz past on wheeled sneakers at a small stretch of the road at Eenjakkal Juction. You are taken in by their confidence, poise and the easy glides by which they traverse the roads. This tough balancing act is done to perfection on roller skaters! Yes, Roller Skating has now become an exercise option for most city kids as they zip around back and forth displaying their skating skills. Roller skating has gained this kind of popularity due to its multiple health benefits, akin to aerobics that involves using all your body's muscles. It is even considered a better substitute for running and cycling as there are lesser chances of joint stress. What's better is that even if you do get tired you can slow down, pick up some breath and continue coasting along. - Says Al-Ameen Skating Coach at Spark Roller Skating Academy - The Hindu.

Quad Wheels

Quads are ‘old style roller skates’ with 2 pairs of wheels, rather than rollerblades or inline skates which have their wheels in a line. Quads became popular in the 1970s and 80s but have never gone out of style and are now experiencing somewhat of a revival. At Spark Roller Skating Acedemy you can join us in our lessons wearing your quads and we will show you everything you need to know, including what is different and what is the same (as with inlines).


Consciously gain control, stability and balance through your movements Work at your own pace with a structured course and progressive lessons See perfect skills demos and explanations Know what you are doing every step of the way by following the instructions Get fit and build muscle strength while improving your technique Skating becomes your exercise