Welcome to Spark Roller Skating academy

A great and fun place to roller skate in Trivandrum. We are located at Enchakkal & SanguMugam, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Spark was founded in 1995 by Mr.Al Ameen with a passion for Speed Skating and got affiliation on 2005. Spark is your sole partner in your road to success, To help you WIN - Because at Spark Winning is a way of life ! The Spark is one of the best roller skating academy in Kerala. We conduct campaigning programs and training classes all over the district altogether we have more than 200 students attending training classes and 6 schools.


Our Mission

Provide professional training with a unique Teaching Strategy to learn the Art of Skating. So you can experience that is Fun, Progressive, Safe and Enjoyable, right from the start.


Our Teaching Strategy

Each skate move like stride, a stop, a turn or a trick is made up of several different sections in sequence. So much Instruction ‘out there’ simply demo’s the move and describes what’s happening. We’ve done all this with skaters aged from 4 years old. If they did it, so can you!



Skating works nearly every muscle group in the body, and gliding requires synchronized movement of the legs. Consciously gain control, stability and balance through your movements.

Our Acheivements

A bunch of medals in District, State levels and National level as well for more than last 10 years.
If you are looking out for health on wheels, Roller Skating is the best exercise for you!
It’s a wonderful workout for your thighs, calves and for leg strength development.


B. Al Ameen, Coach, Joint Secretary (TDRSA). Enchakkal Bypass Road, Vallakadavu & Sangumugam Beach Park.

The goal of great coaching is to guide, inspire and empower an athlete or team to achieve their full potential.

- Sherahin Hs Google Review.

Today the National, tomorrow the Olympics!Thank you coach for your unwavering dedication to our kids in this sport.

- Bhavani Google Review.

Well experienced coach and giving good coaching to all the students.

- Guna Google Review.